Taboo attention to Feng Shui balcony feng shui


Feng Shui has always been the highlight of home decoration, but due to funds or other reasons, residents tend to focus only on the layout of the main room, but ignore the balcony, and even let the balcony become a chores room. It is a very bad phenomenon.

As a large external window in addition to the door, the balcony has a pivotal position in the home feng shui, which may affect the health of the home owner and affect the career and wealth.

One: straight-through structure.

In Feng Shui, we have a name called Tianzhu. The so-called Scorpio refers to the narrow gap between the two tall buildings. From a distance, it is like a knife smashing into half from the air, hence the name.

If the balcony of the house just faces the sky, it is like a steel knife squatting, and the fierce suffocation will make you feel uneasy, and in serious cases, there will be even blood. When you encounter this pattern, remember to hang a steel beam on the outer wall of the balcony to block the shackles. Of course, you can also hang some auspicious items on the balcony. For example, the most common gossip mirror or Shanhai Town can dissolve the suffocating gas.

If you look out from the balcony, you can see that there is a street straight ahead, like a tiger rushing to the face, it is also a pattern of breaking money, which is a fierce pattern in Feng Shui. In the streets that come straight, if there are not many vehicles, it is better, but the more vehicles you walk, the more lethal you are, and the longer the road, the greater the lethality. If there is a highway coming straight to the front, you should place a convex mirror on both sides of the balcony to reduce or block the murderousness that rushes straight.

Second: the light.

Nowadays, some fashion style houses, especially those with European style, add large bay windows to increase the indoor space and the light and the wind. Therefore, the outer wall is easy to form many sharp corners, which look like a row of sharp serrations. The intensity of the reflection is quite strong. If the balcony faces such a zigzag-shaped building, it will be formed by the long-term illumination of the strong light, and the ominous home will be ominous. Here you can use the floor curtains to crack, or you can use a convex mirror on both sides of the outer wall.

The third: air pressure.

Modern buildings are cluster buildings, so within a circle, houses are arranged quite closely. Residents on the lower and middle floors, if the high-rise buildings opposite the balcony are too close, this huge pressure will put a lot of pressure on you, which will cause mental stress, insomnia and other symptoms in the long run. Whether the distance is too close or not, the criterion for judging is whether the distance is smaller than the height of the balcony and the difference from the opposite roof.

At the same time, if the balcony is facing a building with heavier yin, such as temples, hospitals, funeral homes, etc., it will also be unknowingly invaded, affecting the health of the main family, and will also produce bad for the fortune. influences.

For the former, add a screen on the balcony to crack. For the latter, you can place at least one of the unicorns, scorpions, dragons, etc. on the balcony, using their mighty nature to drive away bad anger.

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