Farmers use fertilizer misunderstanding


1. Emphasis on large chemical fertilizers, neglecting the micronutrient plant growth and development, there are 16 kinds of essential nutrients, while the traditional fertilizers are mostly supplemented with a large number of elements of NPK, and the application of medium and trace elements is often overlooked. In fact, if crops want to grow healthily, a large number of elements can not be replaced, and trace elements can not be lost. Otherwise, plants will have various physiological diseases.

2. Foliar application can completely replace root fertilization Foliar fertilization is only an auxiliary way of root fertilization. It can not replace root fertilization, especially a large amount of elemental fertilizer such as NPK, or it should be provided by soil fertilization, but the leaf surface is used many times. Fertilizer can effectively reduce the amount of fertilizer used, and supplement trace elements can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

3. The bigger the package, the better. The higher the content, the better. The more varieties, the better. With the gradual maturity of the foliar fertilizer market, the competition in the foliar fertilizer market is becoming more and more fierce. In order to cater to farmers' psychology, some manufacturers continue to expand the packaging of foliar fertilizers. The expansion of packaging will lead to an increase in packaging costs and transportation costs, which will lead to price increases or a reduction in the effective content of foliar fertilizer. The content is only a standard, and effective absorption is the key. In the prevention and control of pests and diseases, some farmers, regardless of crop growth and disease occurrence, blindly seek stability, apply insurance fertilizers, mix foliar fertilizers, pesticides and hormones, and think that "the medicine is not bad." It is not known that various physical and chemical reactions may occur between medicines and fertilizers, so that the effects of medicines and fertilizers are reduced, and even crops are poisoned, and more money is spent. Only under the premise of clarifying the physical and chemical properties of fertilizers and pesticides, rational compounding can play the role of “one spray and multiple effects”.

4. Only the cheaper farmers in the purchase of fertilizer, often based on the price of the high-low price to determine the purchase of micro-fertilizer varieties. However, it should be noted that the quality of low-cost micro-fertilizers is often not guaranteed, and the effect of two or three bags on a bag of genuine fertilizer is actually cheaper to buy. The good fertilizers seem to be more expensive, but the amount of consumption is small, and the increase in production is large. In comparison, the investment is still lower.

5. Pursuit of quick-acting Some farmers like to choose quick-acting fertilizers, often using quick results as the only criterion for judging whether a product is good or bad. For example, some foliar fertilizers contain hormones or nitrogen-based fertilizers, which are effective after 1-3 days of spraying, but this rapid growth is sometimes only long, and it is very likely to cause dystrophic growth and reproductive growth disorders. Resulting in a decline in production. When the hormone concentration is too high, it may cause a reaction or deform the crop and the quality will decrease.

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