Safes gradually become household necessities


Safes gradually become household necessities With the birth of the market economy environment, China's safe (cabinet) industry has entered the fast lane of development, and consumers’ demands have become higher and higher, which has led to the diversification of safes (cabinet), but the variety of safes (cabinet) brands is very mixed. , good and bad.

Safes gradually became household necessities As the economy grew, the demand for safes from ordinary families also rose. In developed countries, the proportion of households with safes (cabinets) reached 90%, while the proportion in China was less than 5%. The two data gaps are very large, but backwardness does not mean that they cannot develop, and the gap means that the market has great potential. According to the estimation of related departments, in the next 10 years, the proportion of households with safes in China will exceed 15%. According to the current prices, the market capacity will increase by at least five times, plus the government, corporate market, and the hotel market. With more and more developed financial markets, safes (cabinets) are undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing industries in the last 10 years.

When the financial turmoil blew through the world, especially in Europe and the United States, when many industries were in trouble, the safe (cabinet) industry had a rare opportunity. For example, many local commercial banks in the United States have suffered setbacks and are in crisis. Depositors are worried that their deposits in the bank will not be protected, and they will start buying safes and depositing cash at home. As more and more European and American families choose to lock their belongings into their own safes, the domestic safe (cabinet) manufacturing enterprises are smiling at the arrival of foreign trade orders.

In addition, domestic residents' awareness of the safe industry has also given rise to market demand. In most people's minds, safes (cabinets) are often placed in banks, jewelry stores, corporate finance offices, and other places to store large amounts of cash, bills, seals, cheques, jewelry and other valuables. Nowadays, more and more families use it to store some personal valuables and the safe is boiling rapidly. For this reason, a survey conducted by the Safeguard (Cabinet) Industry Association of Ningbo Daxie Development Zone showed that in recent years, the safe-box market has gradually expanded from the original government, military, and banking departments to families and individuals, and has become a home. The necessities of life, and entering the business gift market, the “gift-giving and safety” gift-giving concept is quietly shaped in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other developed regions.

The safe and fireproof function of the safe is equally important. Nowadays, the safe has been used by companies and units to gradually enter the homes of ordinary people. Home safes play an important role in anti-theft and fire protection and ensure the safety of public property. The news of frequent fires across the country has caused us to feel sad over the past 12 years. Two recent fires in Zhejiang: the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Industrial Park and the Wenzhou Tanneries fire have caused huge losses to the lives and properties of the country, the unit, and the people. Natural disasters and man-made disasters are always difficult to predict. However, according to one statistic, more than 90% of the safes on the Chinese safe market have no fire protection function. In other words, most safes cannot bring enough security protection to valuables, important documents, contract notes, etc. in the safe when the fire is coming, especially for those who need to collect debts, etc. Enterprises are even more bitter.

It is understood that in the international market, good safes must be both anti-theft and fire-proof, have highly efficient insulation boards, and have the ability to withstand the destruction of drilling tools, which can minimize losses when accidents occur. However, the penetration rate of anti-theft and anti-theft safes in developed countries in Europe and America is much higher.

Waterproof safes also share the same logic. There is an old saying, “Water and fire are not tolerable.” Therefore, requiring safes to be both waterproof and fireproof seems unreasonable. Both of these phenomena are less likely to occur at the same time, such as when water is used to save fire when a fire occurs. However, some places are low-lying and easily flooded, causing water-repellent problems. Of course, the anti-theft performance must be ensured, the premise of the waterproof safe must also be able to prevent theft, and then on the waterproof. In the flood season each year, there are many kinds of flood disasters in various parts of the country, and the resulting loss of information and property is also relatively large. Of course, it is also possible that the safe was in the water because of his own mistakes. From time to time when theft occurred, floods were regularly scheduled, and safes that were both anti-theft and water-resistant seemed to be indispensable.

At present, waterproof safes have a regional nature in the marketing market. It is well understood that selling large-scale waterproof safes to some arid areas is obviously not practical. For example, in Ningxia and Dunhuang, it is clear that waterproof safes are useless. Take a place. Therefore, safe companies, such as all-powerful, shield and other well-known companies, although they all have a waterproof safe product line, but the marketing strategy is obviously different from other safes.

Five Trends in the Future Development of Safes As a special container, safes are required to serve as anti-theft and fire prevention roles, and some also have to be compatible with other functions while also playing the role of furniture and home appliances. The uniqueness of the safe and its adaptability to the development of the times have determined that its development will inevitably shoulder such a mission: to conform to the development trend of the times and make people's lives more secure and enjoyable. As far as the current development situation is concerned, the safes are showing the following trends:

Trend 1: The standard is higher and the security level is higher.

With the development of the times, safe production methods and technologies have made a qualitative leap.

Trend 2: Lighter weight and better anti-theft performance.

Traditional cement safes are always made into heavyweights for security reasons. It looks like a hill, but it can't hold much and it is very difficult to move. With the development of safe production technology, moderately weight-reducing, and safer, more reliable and beautiful all-steel safes have become a trend.

Trend 3: renewal of style, more humane.

As the application scope of safes continues to expand, and will enter the homes of ordinary people to adapt to the development of this requirement, the shape of safes is also more diverse and more humane.

Trend 4: With more functions, the rapid development of science and technology toward the higher end makes the safe technology of the safe room continue to evolve. More functional updates and higher technological content have also become a trend.

Trend 5: Use more widely, toward the development of furniture, home appliances In the annual appraisal of China's furniture industry in recent years, the safe has been listed as the rank of Chinese fashion furniture. At the same time, safe products are constantly developing high-tech intelligent management functions that can be realized for important special protection items such as currency money, valuables, electronic digital, important documents, collection treasures, dangerous goods, personal items, personal privacy, etc. Safer and more intelligent storage and management have become essential household appliances in human life and family.

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