What are the lamp springs?


What are the lamps and springs of the lamp spring?

With the continuous development of the industry, the lamps and lanterns of the original ordinary gas bulbs are constantly evolving and upgrading. Nowadays, various lamps can be seen on the market, such as LED lamps, energy-saving lamps, lamps, etc. It is also often seen that many different types of springs are also widely used in different luminaires. For example: pressure springs, torsion springs, tension springs, etc.

Lamp holder (lamp head) pressure spring: often we can see a pressure spring supporting the connecting piece in the internal structure of the lamp head. The pressure spring makes the metal piece elastic and more firmly combined with the lamp.

Light frame tension spring: The tension spring used in the lamp holder is generally used on the lamp holder of the table lamp. Commonly, the connection between the tension spring and the base of the lamp holder can be used. During the use, we can flexibly oscillate the position of the light, and the position of the lamp is changed by different degrees of curvature by the torsion tension spring.

Torsion spring: The torsion spring is generally fixed on the lamp surface of the lamp. The torsion spring is installed in the tripod above the lamp holder, and the resilience is generated by the torsion of the torsion spring. The force arm passing through the torsion spring is combined with the mirror surface of the lamp. The rebound capability positions the mirror outside the product.

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