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Bearing damage reason

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-06-03

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Most of the bearings are damaged by many reasons; however; one-third of the bearing damage is due to fatigue damage; the other third is due to poor smoothness; the other third is due to contaminants entering the bearing or The device is not properly disposed.
However, these damages are also related to different industries.
Bearings are attributed to fine parts; therefore, the requirements are quite stable when used; even if high-performance bearings are used; if they are not properly used, they can not reach the expected function; and simply make the bearings damaged. Therefore, the use of bearings should focus on the following: matter:
First, the use of the device should be carefully and carefully not allowed to force the stamping; the hammer is not allowed to directly hit the bearing; the pressure is not allowed to pass through the roll.
Second, to prevent the corrosion of the bearing directly when taking the bearing by hand; to wash away the sweat on the hand; and apply high-quality mineral oil before operation; especially in the dry season and summer to pay attention to rust.
Third, use appropriate and precise equipment to try to use special things; try to prevent the use of cloth and short fibers and the like.
Fourth, adhere to the sanitary environment of the bearing and its surroundings, even if the small dust that is invisible to the naked eye enters the bearing; it will also add bearing wear; oscillation and noise.
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