Our country proposes the future design of floating city on the sea


Our country proposes the future design of floating city on the sea

With a population of nearly 1.4 billion, China has a very large population around the coastline, which makes it very crowded. Therefore, a Chinese company does not plan to use the precious resources of the land to build future cities. Instead, it proposes to carry out urban expansion on 71% of the surface of the Earth's surface.

This 1,040-hectare floating city on the sea floats like an iceberg. Its surface structure is located on the surface of the sea, but most of the activities will be below the water surface. The city will be constructed on the land in huge cross-sections and then assembled like a jigsaw puzzle at sea.

This floating city on the sea is designed to be completely self-sufficient. It will have its own farm and waste management system, and will provide housing, entertainment, shopping and sports services. Transport will be completely through a series of underwater passageways and submarines.

Before you think that this will never be possible, you should understand that this proposal comes from China Communications Construction Group (CCCC). It is these people who are currently building a five-kilometer bridge connecting Macau and Hong Kong, so they are not a bunch of novices, and this bridge will contain a long underwater channel.

In order to design the floating city at sea, China Communications Construction Group sought the help of the architectural design office, and they put forward the basic design of how to integrate all the parts into everything. China Communications Construction Group is now discussing this proposal with China Transport Investment Corporation. This floating city on the sea seems to be a bit unrealistic, but it is not the first time that China has proposed the dream of building a similar design.

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