Do you know the control principle of three pressure relays in water-cooled chillers?


Do you know the control principle of three pressure relays in water-cooled chillers? The relays used in water-cooled chillers are high-voltage relays, low-voltage relays, and hydraulic relays.
1. High-voltage relay It is also called the exhaust pressure controller, which directly controls the high-pressure pressure of the chiller refrigeration system. When the condenser of the water-cooled chiller is insufficient, the water temperature is too high, the water is cut off, or the high pressure exceeds the maximum pressure set on the exhaust pressure controller, the controller takes off and disconnects the circuit of the contactor to make the compressor Shutdown protection system. Note: The set pressure of the high-voltage relay is related to the type of refrigerant and the performance of the compressor. It is generally about 0.1 to 0.2 MPa higher than the highest exhaust pressure.

Second, the low voltage relay is also called the suction pressure controller. If the water-cooled chiller refrigeration system is clogged, the heat load is too low, the refrigerant is missing, the valve is forgotten, or the low pressure is too low, the controller will trip and disconnect the contactor circuit. At this time, the compressor stops. Ensure that it does not operate under too low pressure and improve the economics of system operation. Note: The setting values ​​of low-voltage relays are generally common, generally around -0.1 to -0.55MPa.

Third, the oil pressure relay

We can also call it the differential pressure controller, that is, the pressure difference between the suction pressure and the oil pressure, which is set according to the performance of the compressor. For example, for a chiller without an unloading device, the oil pressure is generally 0.1 MPa higher than the suction pressure, and for a chiller with an unloading device, the oil pressure is generally 0.15 to 0.3 MPa higher than the suction pressure. The portion higher than the suction pressure is the difference, that is, the setting value of the differential pressure controller.
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