Develop a new biomimetic retina or make blind people see the light again


According to media reports, retinal damage caused by age-related macular degeneration, cataract, glaucoma and diabetes is the main cause of pathological blindness. In order to enable them to see the light again, some developed countries are conducting research in this area. Israel Nano Retina has developed an embedded biomimetic retina that will make blind people with retinal damage look brighter.

Develop a new biomimetic retina or make blind people see the light again

The new technology is simpler to use, and the implanted retina is better engaged with the eye tissue and does not affect the pupil dilation and field of view. This miniature bionic retina can be implanted into the fundus through a minimally invasive 30-minute procedure to replace the damaged photoreceptor. After the retina merges with the ocular nerve, it can convert the natural light into an electrical signal, stimulating the visual nerve to transmit the image received by the artificial retina to the brain, thereby achieving the function of restoring vision.

After the patient is implanted with a bionic retina, he also wears a pair of special glasses with a miniature laser that wirelessly powers the retina. At present, the first generation of products developed by the company has a pixel of 24×24, and the second generation of products has a pixel of 72×72. The image clarity is 10 times higher than the prior art, which can better meet daily reading, watching TV and participating in each. The need for class activities.

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