Why does the furniture trade in a new way?


"Buy new furniture, how to do the old? Sell, not only worthless, people are still not willing to pick up; send, carry no trouble to carry. It is really awkward!" Recently, Ms. Liu, Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital, talked about the troubles of old furniture. In fact, Ms. Liu’s situation is not a case. In addition to mahogany furniture, the average old furniture has become a hot potato in the modern family. "Can't send it, can't sell it, and I have no strength to throw it." Mr. Wang, the provincial capital, is also worried about how to deal with the old furniture at home.

"Remember that the market has been promoting furniture 'old-for-new' in the past two years, and some home stores have also been implemented, but now, there is no such event in all major stores." In the interview, many citizens asked: "The furniture that was originally optimistic" Why trade is not far away?

How to deal with old furniture

In order to have a new atmosphere for the New Year, Mr. Wang recently purchased a new set of sofas and coffee tables. "The quality of the original sofa is good, but the style is somewhat old-fashioned. The plan has been updated. The discount at the end of the year is relatively large. I bought it. A set." But when I bought new furniture, how to deal with old furniture has become a problem. "There are no need for relatives and friends around. It is too much trouble to pull back home. It is not only necessary to collect waste, but also a handling fee of 50 yuan. Later put When it comes to second-hand online sales, few people ask. But throwing it, I have no strength to move, and it is not conducive to environmental protection."

Also worried about the old furniture is Ms. Zhang. "A table of solid wood and glass that was bought more than 2,000 yuan a decade ago was a relatively high-end furniture at that time. After so many years, the quality is as good as ever, just a bit stupid. Also occupying the place. Selling, too cheap, throwing it is a pity, the most ideal is to transform the shape, spend a few hundred dollars can also accept, just looking for a long time did not find this person." Ms. Zhang said .

The reporter's investigation found that it is impossible for ordinary people to change houses frequently, but the furniture usually has to be changed once in ten or eight years. Some can't be used, and some are outdated. The problem of how old furniture is handled is very common.

Furniture recycling businesses are becoming more and more picky

During the interview, many citizens said that the most ideal thing is that some people come to collect old furniture. "But in fact, the price is low, some people give it, and people don't come," said Ms. Zhou.

"Not too old furniture, too old, don't, we only accept newer furniture." In the white Buddha flea market, a merchant who recycles used home appliances and furniture said that the buyers of second-hand home appliances and furniture are mainly Even if this is the case, buyers are becoming more and more critical. “It’s too old or outdated, even if the price is cheaper, it’s not easy to sell.” The merchant said that the door-to-door receipt, delivery, handling, etc. all cost, and now the second-hand market is getting worse and worse, they also have to Be picky. "The place is far away, the things are small, the furniture is worn out, and it is not collected." The merchant said that the second-hand furniture recycling price is indeed relatively low, generally not more than one hundred yuan. "It's not that we are low pressure. It's really difficult to do business. There are less than 4 pieces of furniture. After deducting transportation costs and labor costs, there is no profit at all." The reporter found that many recyclers prefer office furniture compared to home furniture. Office furniture such as screens.

Since the recycling price is low and no one is willing to accept it, is it feasible to retrofit some old furniture with good quality? "We can only carry out furniture repairs now, and we can't change them." Dongming Furniture and Red Star Macalline Furniture Store responded in this way. However, relevant people reminded that citizens with relevant needs can try to find out the after-sales maintenance of the brand to see if they can be modified.

Old-for-new test water is not warm

"Old furniture will also sell for a few tens of dollars. If it can be 'old-for-new', how can it be better than selling it, and it must be bought new furniture when knocking out old furniture." In the interview, many citizens said. "In the past two years, I remember that the provincial capital has also replaced furniture with old ones, but now it has no shadow. Why is this?" Mr. Wang said.

"We don't have the old-for-new activities." Recently, the reporter visited and found that the provincial capital Dongming, Hongxing Meikailong and other home stores gave such a reply. The reporters checked the information and found that in 2012, Beijing, Tianjin and other places began to test the furniture for trade-in. Individual consumers who purchase 4 types of new furniture and hand over old furniture in the pilot furniture sales enterprise will receive a subsidy of 10% of the furniture sales price, which is jointly borne by the government and the furniture sales enterprise, with a subsidy of 5%. The data shows that from the implementation of the policy on July 1st to the end of November 2013, 11 furniture sales companies in Beijing have sold nearly 160,000 pieces of four types of furniture, with a sales amount of 1 billion yuan.

It is understood that the relevant departments of the provincial capital have not issued relevant policies on the "old-for-new" of furniture, but the provincial capital has also had "testing water" in the home market. In February 2012, the provincial capital Dongming Furniture launched an old-for-new replacement, and old furniture can pay 8% to buy new fees. "The effect was ok at the time, but it was not sought after by the public as everyone imagined." Chen Xin, manager of the planning department of Hebei Dongming International Furniture Exhibition Co., Ltd., introduced more than 1,000 sets of activities from February to the end of the year. Old furniture, "represents more than 1,000 old-for-new orders. Although there is still a certain gap compared with the 2012 old-fashioned furniture that was introduced, the final result is already good." Chen Xin said.

Consumers worry that there is not much real benefit

Speaking of the old-fashioned activities of Dongming Furniture in the past, Mr. Sun, the provincial capital, said that he would like to change the old furniture of his home after seeing this activity. However, after a lap, some brands have set a specific frame on specific discounts. For example, in choosing discounts and trade-in, consumers can only choose one. "This is of little significance. At most, it saves the handling fees of old furniture." In addition, some brands have some restrictions. For example, when the bed is "renewed", the mattress is not included, and the purchase procedure is cumbersome. “The last old furniture was thrown away, and new furniture bought at other discounts.” For the old-for-new, many consumers are worried that the merchants will deliberately raise the price. “If the old-for-new is better than the direct discount, there are many restrictions. I would rather throw away old furniture," said Ms. Zhang, the provincial capital.

However, the reporter's survey shows that for trade-in, most consumers are most concerned about the solution to the problem of old furniture. "Even if there is no subsidy, as long as you can recycle old furniture, you can do it for free." Mr. Zhou said that he hopes someone will help pull it. Take old furniture. "Looking at Beijing's furniture is getting old and new, I really hope that our provincial capital can do well." Mr. Sun said.

The cost is too high, the store is difficult to bear

“The final treatment of second-hand furniture is very difficult.” Chen Xin said that furniture is too occupied, and the warehouse is limited. When the old-fashioned trade-in in 2012, they can only donate the old furniture that can be used for repair and maintenance through various channels after the second maintenance, but the ratio is very low, "like the plate type can be repaired and donated, but the sofa, etc. Time has fallen for a long time, and there is no way to repair it. If these are too old to be used, they will be destroyed directly." And because the government did not have the corresponding subsidies, 8% of the year was undertaken by the enterprise. "Equivalent to our flowers. 8% of the new cost of buying old furniture, this cost is also considerable." Chen Xin said that this means that the more sold, the more the business lost. In addition, people did not have much enthusiasm for this. After that, Dongming did not engage in trade-in activities.

Some home market related people also said that the recycling of old furniture, logistics, warehousing, secondary use of used furniture, etc. are all major problems facing the store. The cost is too high, so most stores and brands are holding a wait-and-see attitude. “Actually, the old-for-new trade in many places has become a form of promotion and marketing.” An industry insider said that furniture is different from home appliances, and its size and weight are large. Sometimes, the handling fee is even higher than the acquisition of old furniture. The cost is high. Moreover, unlike the early solid wood furniture, many furniture are now particleboard and MDF, which are all wood chips and glue. As long as they are broken up, there is no use value at all. This is why no one wants to recycle.

There is no good recycling mechanism, it makes no sense to trade in the old.

In response to the problem of the old furniture, Chen Xin said that at present, there is no unit responsible for recycling of used furniture, and some discarded furniture cannot be properly disposed of. “It is recommended that the relevant departments establish relevant mechanisms for subsidies and recycling of building furniture and old-for-new furniture.” Chen Xin said. The reporter learned that the furniture replacement subsidy is divided into two parts, the first is to subsidize consumers to trade-in, and the second is to dismantle subsidies for renewable resources recycling and dismantling enterprises. The value of a piece of furniture after dismantling may be only a few dollars, but the value of labor, space, transportation, etc., which is spent inside, is tens of dollars. For companies, if the government subsidies should be popular.

In addition, problems caused by the dismantling of old furniture, such as the flow of old furniture and environmental protection caused by secondary consumption, also need to attract attention, such as leather, artificial leather, metal, lacquer, sofa filling, etc. Are all potential pollutants. In the eyes of the industry, furniture “old-for-new” must form a scale and play a practical role, and it is necessary to establish an old furniture recycling industry chain. Furniture that can be reused can go directly to the secondary market or platform for secondary sale or donation to charity. Furniture that cannot be re-used but whose materials (such as wood, metal, etc.) can be reused can be dismantled by a professional dismantling company. Furniture that is not used at all is destroyed directly. "In short, if there is no sound and good recycling mechanism, it will be meaningless to trade in the old ones, and the relevant departments will need to issue corresponding rules," said an industry insider who asked not to be named.

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