Home industry to innovate and improve green standards to take the road to sustainability


As a leading enterprise in the industry, Liaoning Group has adopted the new diatomite safety and environmental protection material as the filling material for the first time in the field of security doors, which has improved the “green residence” standard for door products. Chen Chuanyi, secretary-general of the China Quality Miles Promotion Association, said that this move means that the security door will be further environmentally friendly and light, and that innovation is an important cornerstone for the long-term development of the company.
The use of diatomaceous earth as raw material to develop new environmentally friendly materials as a filling material for security doors is a new attempt to improve the standard of “green living” and a revolution in the security door industry in China, which means that the security door will be further environmentally friendly and light. Mr. Han, the chairman and general manager of the group, said: “The original filling material used in the security door is too heavy and not degradable. In order to improve the manufacturing technology, we have made many attempts, but not foreign patents, the profits will be greatly split. That is, the material corrodes the metal and reduces the service life of the security door.” In the continuous exploration, it is found that the diatomite environmental protection new material is used as the filling material of the door body, which not only reduces the weight of the security door by 30%, but also greatly enhances the fireproof and moistureproof performance. The cost can be reduced by nearly 15%. In order to strictly control the quality of products, we also increased the intensity of technical cooperation, and promoted the upgrading of product structure through the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in universities. In April 2011, Diatomite Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Yingkou, Liaoning Province, and Han Zong personally served as the chairman of the company. The diatomite project with an investment of more than 540 million yuan is regarded as a weapon to improve the quality of the product's “green home”. It is understood that the proven reserves of diatomite in Jilin Linjiang are more than 70 million tons, and the prospective reserves are 200 million tons. The abundant diatomaceous earth reserves provide strong resources for the company.
Not long ago, a brand of flooring caused an uproar in the consumer due to excessive formaldehyde, and the integrity of home furnishing companies was questioned. How should the home industry break the current dilemma and usher in a healthy development? South Korea said that the home industry should follow the development direction of “green housing”. Whether the household products can truly achieve "green settlement" in use is the most intuitive standard for consumers to check the quality of products, and it is also the fundamental requirement for home enterprises to implement product quality and integrity.
Chen Chuanyi, secretary general of the China Quality Miles Promotion Association, said: "Quality issues are fundamental to the development of enterprises and industries. A brand enterprise will continue to innovate and improve the 'green housing' standard, which will drive the development of China's home furnishing industry and boost the safety of the people. Consumer confidence is of great significance.” According to South Korea’s congratulations, the board of directors of the brand will launch a thorough shareholding system reform in a timely manner, and strive to make the Group’s “diatomite” project and “new air ventilation system” project listed in China by 2015. And strive to achieve the group's overall listing within 5 years, to achieve a leap from the traditional family business to the modern enterprise.

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