Red Star Meikailong Changchun Yuanda Mall "big name cut big card


Go up and know the world! On August 18th, 2013 at 13:00, the “home consumption experience” held by Hongxing Meikailong Changchun Yuanda Shopping Mall, No. 826, Yuanda Street, Erdao District, let the love boom swept the whole summer. 10:00 am, home reporter Arrived at the Red Star Macalline Changchun Yuanda Mall, although the event has not yet started, but the site of the 300 yuan cash voucher distribution activity has been arranged a long team, the entire site is very hot! According to the Red Star Macalline staff As long as the customers who are shopping from January 1, 2013 to July 30, 2013, with the red star Macalline sales and cashier, I can take the valid documents with you! The 300 yuan cash coupon is fully applicable. Value-for-money! At 13:00 in the afternoon, the event will be opened on time. Special guest Queen Igneng and Changchun Traffic Voice 96.8 will fly to the scene to participate in the whole process, helping to bargain. Hecheng Sanitary Ware, Wrigley Sanitary Ware, Ying Sanitary Ware, Dongpeng Sanitary Ware , Whale Whale Sanitary Ware, Left and Right Sofas, Ai Ruisi, Zhihua Shishi, Hongxing's own brand Red Star sofa and other domestic first-line home brands have been bargained on the spot, all of which have never been more favorable. The product resources are back to the consumers! In the end, the big-name merchants have released low-priced discounts! Subsequently, the reporter went into the famous sanitary ware brand and the bathroom to conduct an interview, and published an event on the network that the children with much attention on the body had serious lead content. My own opinion. At the same time, I also introduced the large-scale preferential products to participate in this big-name big-cut event. After this experience, I deeply felt the power of Red Star Macalline’s lineup, where I wish the red star Meikailong The sales performance of Changchun Yuanda Mall can be all the way!

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