Guangzhou Furniture Fair attracts Beijing enterprises to participate in the exhibition


In September, the Guangzhou Furniture Fair was like a huge magnet, attracting all the people involved in the furniture to give up the coolness of the capital, and went to the South to meet the "biting" of the autumn tiger. Being able to put your own products on the show to be judged by others is a contest of ideas and creativity.
Brands from Beijing, such as Ai Ruisi, Feitong, Nitelier, and Power, are all brand new products brought to Guangzhou. Their opponents are the local counterparts in Guangdong who have the title of “Furniture Production Base”. There is no core competition. Force things, how dare to get a big axe in front of Lubanmen! Fortunately, in recent years, Beijing-style furniture is very competitive, and product innovation is enhanced while brand awareness is improving.
What about the exhibition? It is a huge team. Actually (view map) The store's store consists of more than 30 people, and is led by the operation director Zhang Zhiliang; Liu Chen, secretary general of the Beijing Market Association Home Branch, and Wen Shiquan, chairman of Yifeng Furniture, Rong Lin, the general manager of Ronglin Shijia, has become a self-contained one, and has a reputation for the autumn exhibitions, such as Chengwai Cheng, Jimei (view map) and Lan Jingli (view map). "Knowing oneself and knowing oneself, there is no war." Going out, the world outside is very exciting. The Beijing furniture industry is not a "frog at the bottom of the well". They are making friends in the observation and getting inspiration in their studies.
The word "a group of harmony" is very suitable for use among Beijing furniture companies. In the market, they are competitive, but in personal relationships, they are friends, buddies, and groups. The exhibitors met with the exhibition, just like the hometown.
It is this unity and harmony that is needed for the growth of Beijing-style furniture. In the autumn season of this harvest, the exhibition is not only a product; the exhibition, the view is not only lively.

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