Double eleven furniture e-commerce odds and hundreds of discounts to promote the rules of the rivers and lakes


In 2014, the “Double Eleven” was really lively. In particular, recently, the various topics on the "Double Eleven" are even more endless. First, the "Double Eleven" trademark was registered, and Alibaba and Jingdong were on the sidelines. On November 6th, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau called the blackout. The platform "double eleven" discount price, reference price news, and finally Tmall, Jingdong, etc. have rumored, said to be misinformed. In any case, when the "Double Eleven" is not yet in time, all kinds of "preheating" activities have already attracted people's attention. As for the dark tide between businesses, it is obvious to all. Last year's "Double Eleven" World War I became a famous furniture company. This year, we will continue to make persistent efforts to win the sales champion. We are interested in inspiring the small universe, and we are striving for the upstream furniture brands to come up with the unique status of the rivers and lakes. The gas field of the stop! Between the sword and the shadow, the consumer's golden eyes are also brightly lit. Although there are people, there are rivers and lakes, but merchants should also pay attention to "the rules of the rivers and lakes", regulate their own promotional behavior, otherwise, there will be no place for you to stand in the future. The 2014 “Double Eleven” furniture e-commerce war started furniture is also a big category in the “Double Eleven”. More and more furniture companies are constantly trying to grab the e-commerce sector. Last year, Lin's Wood and All-Friends' home sales exceeded 100 million yuan, while Gujia Home, Zhihua Shi, Yalan, Ou Rui, Hebu, Sui Bao, Dynasty and Disney and other major furniture brands were all in 2013. One "realized the outbreak of the small universe, and squeezed into the top ten sales of Tmall residential furniture stores." Chart: 2013 “Double Eleven” Furniture Single Store Sales Ranking (Tmall Data) The success of the “Double Eleven” in 2013 has caused a strong stimulation to the furniture companies, prompting them to “go to the sea” to participate in the 2014 “Double Ten” A "e-commerce battle. It is reported that as early as a few months ago, many furniture brands have begun to prepare goods in advance, expand warehouses, upgrade logistics and distribution systems. Huang Huakun, the chairman of the left and right furniture, spoke as early as September. "This year's double eleven goal is to break through 100 million." It is understood that the self-owned e-commerce platform of the left and right furniture has been launched, and the left and right furniture set up 13 logistics services nationwide. Sites, 2,000 stores nationwide will also provide delivery installation services. The 2014 "Double Eleven" will cause the biggest O2O battle in history! I have never "going through the sea" before, and I hope to take this opportunity to become famous in the first battle. Before I had the experience of "going to the sea", I was ambitious and tried to use this "double eleven" to make another explosive growth. According to the reporter's observation, the enterprises that joined the "Double Eleven" furniture war, in addition to the 2013 "Double Eleven" furniture single store sales ranked in the top ten Lin's Wood, Quanyou Home, Gujia Home, Zhihua Shi and other furniture Outside the enterprise, furniture companies such as left and right furniture, Huari Home, Lafimani, Wei Shili, Xilinmen, Qumei, Jinkeer, Jianjisi, Farissa, and Shuanghu Furniture also went to the sea early. It is. In recent years, "Double Eleven", the positive performance of furniture companies, is enough to reflect the inevitable development trend of furniture companies on the e-commerce road. We can foresee that the furniture e-commerce market will mature gradually, but the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Who doesn't want to be the "Ma Yun" in the furniture e-commerce? In the ever-changing 2014 “Double Eleven”, who is the top spot in the sales of the top spot? This is all about the ability. "Double Eleven" furniture e-commerce singularly recruited moves 1: discount and discount this year's "double eleven", each furniture company has seen the consumer "cheap" mentality, have started a price war! According to the reporter's observation, on the Tmall platform, the price of the "Double Eleven" furniture products is more than 2 fold to 3 fold, the lowest 1 fold, the highest 40% off. For example, the original price of a living room leather sofa of Zhihua Shi is about 20,000 yuan, and the discount is about 6500 yuan. The strength of the discount is so astounding, how can consumers not move? Move 2: The extremely high and low price of the discount has already made people stunned, but if you know how much the furniture company has reserved to deal with the “Double Eleven”, you are even more stunned. According to the investigation of the reporters, only one of the furniture products that has been invested in the 2014 “Double Eleven” melee has a large supply of goods (Tmall data), a minimum of 200 sets, and a maximum of 30,000 sets! The storage capacity of Quanyou, Yalan, Xilinmen, Suibao, Disney and other furniture is as many as 10,000 sets! The furniture reserves of the left and right furniture, Lin's wood, Perth, Yajuge, Huari home are more than 1,000 sets! Move 3: Pre-sales to grab customers in order to win the opportunity, to attract more customers, most furniture companies have already launched the "Double Eleven" pre-sales link as early as "Double Eleven" a month ago. According to the reporter's observation, on Tmall, many furniture companies have already started pre-sale, but the pre-sale price is uncertain, and the merchant only gives a price range. For example, Lin's wood industry has a sofa combination of about 10,000 yuan, the pre-sale price is 3980-4990 yuan, as of 17:30 on November 6, already 2821 people have booked. Another example is a set of 14,000 yuan living room furniture in Quanyou Home. The pre-sale price is 5199-5599 yuan. As of 17:30 on November 6, 412 people have already booked. Move 4: Gifts for small gifts In addition to low-priced offers, some furniture companies have resorted to gifts, designed to attract more consumers. According to the reporter's observation, on Tmall, the furniture e-commerce gift is divided into two ways: the first one, as long as you buy a certain product, you can get the gift promised by the merchant, for example, if the consumer buys a leather sofa of Gujiajiao. , you can get a matching multi-function coffee table board. In the second way, gifts of different values ​​are distributed according to the order of payment of deposits. For example, Suibao mattress promises to pay the first 99 consumers, and send a value of 899 yuan for four sets; 100-499, send value 499 Yuan Shumian latex pillow; 500-2999, send a value of 199 yuan cassia fragrant pillow. Move 5: package delivery to the household In general, furniture products are very large in weight and volume, and logistics is also “pressure mountain”. For consumers, it is very important for merchants to commit to “delivering to home and installing home”. Therefore, in this "double eleven" furniture e-commerce competition, package distribution and package installation is a must. According to the reporter's observation, Huari Home issued a declaration of the "500 city yuan 0 yuan five packs"! Suibao mattress promises that the first 2,499 consumers will enjoy 48 hours of designated delivery and 48 hours of national delivery. Double eleven discount price was called to stop? The promotion behavior needs to be regulated on November 6th. There is news on the Internet that the Trade and Industry Bureau requires that the e-commerce platform be prohibited from using discounts and reference prices. The merchants must all the “reference prices” and “Jingdong” that appear on the store and the acceptance page. The words "price" and "original price" are all removed, and only the promotional price of the product can be retained. In this regard, Jingdong, Tmall and other mainstream e-commerce companies have said that this is a misinformation, they did not receive the relevant notice from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. As of 10:30 am on the 7th, there are words such as "more than 50% off", "tag price" and "recommended retail price" on the Tmall page. However, most of the stores on Jingdong Mall do not have the words "Jingdong price", "original price" and "reference price", and only one promotional price remains. Jingdong responded that this is only JD's internal promotion recommendation for merchants, not from the requirements of the Trade and Industry Bureau. Regardless of whether the "double eleven" discount price and reference price are suspended, there is no doubt that the promotion behavior of the e-commerce platform has yet to be regulated. According to years of "double eleven" experience, many merchants will raise the original price before discounting, and then discount, the final discount price is only a little lower than the original price. For consumers, this is undoubtedly a deception. In addition, this year's "Double Eleven" promotional furniture pre-sale situation is very hot, the original price of a certain furniture products is more than 10,000 yuan, the pre-sale price of about 4,000 yuan, as of 11:30 on November 7 has 2888 people have booked. Another furniture product, the original price of 24,000 yuan, the pre-sale base price of 6,000 yuan, as of 11:30 on November 7 has been booked 2,052 people. The pre-sale of online furniture is so frenetic, it always makes people feel a little unbelievable. Recalling the "double eleven" last year, the booker's crazy return behavior, can not help but make people think. According to the official data released by Tmall, nearly 30 days after the “Double Eleven” last year, the refund rates of many famous furniture brands were above 7%, and the total number of refunds was more than 4,000. Among them, buyers There is no reason to refund more than 3,000 times. Pre-sales as a "double eleven" preheating activity, from the number of orders, this year consumers are crazy about furniture online shopping. However, how many predetermined furniture can actually be delivered to consumers? We look forward to the performance of the next "double eleven" furniture e-commerce! Recommended reading: Home business collective to grab the beach double 11 Handcuffs must guard against the four major online shopping risk furniture "Double 11" preheating which strong? Handkerchief tears welcome e-commerce carnival


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