Eight major industries have abandoned the future and Shunde completely withdrew from the furniture production


Yesterday afternoon, the "Shunde District Industrial Development Plan" was freshly released after review by the expert jury. According to the latest plan, in the next 10 years, Shunde's industry will adopt the strategy of “Yang” and “Abandon” to promote industrial upgrading. The four major industries of home appliances, machinery and equipment, medical care and electronic information will be further upgraded. In addition, the panelists suggested that the government does not have to pursue excessive GDP, and can even sacrifice the growth of GDP to nurture and adjust the development of the entire industry, in order to achieve a real upgrade of industrial planning. General plan: Eight major industries have “Yang” and “Abandoned” Yesterday afternoon, the person in charge of the design unit introduced that Shunde industry will adopt “Yang” and “Abandon” to promote industrial upgrading. Among them, Shunde's industrial upgrading will include two major strategies: upgrading of some traditional industries, upgrading and extension of some traditional industries. In the field of industrial upgrading, it mainly involves four major industries: home appliances, machinery and equipment, medical care and electronic information. Among them, the home appliance industry with several leading enterprises and high brand value will strengthen the core technology in the future, focusing on white goods, expanding to commercial appliances, smart home appliances and service robots, and developing the industry into a pillar industry in the future. basis. In addition, in the field of industrial upgrading and extension, it mainly involves four major industries: furniture, paint, packaging and printing, and textile and garment. The so-called "abandonment" is not to abandon the four traditional industries, but to shift some low-end production links of the industry and optimize them in terms of design, brand marketing and headquarters economy. "In the future, Shunde will completely withdraw from the furniture production, vigorously develop the circulation link and establish its own brand." The relevant person in charge of the design unit said that furniture manufacturing has begun to move outward, and commercial circulation has become the main development direction of the industry in the future. Expert review: The plan needs to be improved from 4 aspects after nearly 4 hours of discussion. Finally, the expert group agreed to pass the review of the “Shunde District Industrial Development Plan”, and the results can be reported and implemented. For the planning results of the design unit, the experts believe that it is necessary to improve from four aspects: First, to clarify the Shunde industrial development goals, analyze and study the industrial status of Shunde and the relationship with the surrounding industries; Second, analyze emerging industries and existing The relationship between industries, especially the process control and guidance of upgrading, transferring and eliminating existing industries; 3. Analysis of industrial support and market conditions of emerging industries; 4. Refining relevant policies and measures to promote industrial development, especially It is an industrial environment optimization and cultivation policy measures, including urban development, talent policy, industrial fund policy, and taxation. Expert opinion: Considering the sacrifice of GDP to seek industrial planning and upgrading According to the introduction, in terms of capital supply, Shunde has a deposit of up to 166.7 billion yuan last year, but the financing platform for high-tech SMEs is quite lacking. At present, Shunde's industrial development has many challenges. The overall industry efficiency is over-reliant on the manufacturing industry, the production-oriented service industry lags behind, and the overall profit margin is low. In addition, the quality and quantity of industrial independent innovation are low, and R&D investment and structure need to be improved and optimized. For many challenges and how to plan, Li Wei, deputy director of the Center for Urban and Regional Studies at Sun Yat-Sen University, believes that Shunde will have great advantages in industrial funds and can make good use of it when private capital is abundant. In addition, he suggested that in the entire industrial planning, government departments can consider not to pursue such high GDP, or even sacrifice GDP growth to cultivate and adjust the development of the entire industry. In order to achieve a real upgrade of industrial planning.

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