Home store marriage decoration company wants to "cold" market


In 2014, the market warming up in Guangzhou's major home furnishing stores was delayed. At the same time, along with the rise of the “shoppingm all” wave, a few high-quality custom brands abandoned traditional home stores and turned to popular shop-ping m all such as Wanda and Yetian, which made a few traditions The situation in the home market is worse. For traditional home stores, after the “transformation”, “marriage” became another keyword that broke through the market in 2014. With the entry of the Baiyun and Panyu double stores into Ouyada Home and Baishi Home, the trend of marriage between this traditional home store and the decoration company is becoming increasingly clear. There are many dynamic activities in the market, and there are few people. The “Autumn Festival” of the home store “National Day Golden Week” has always been regarded as the weather vane of the home market. The warmth and warmth of the Golden Week of the home store directly reflects the market's prosperity. Recently, the reporter learned from many stores and many dealers that compared with previous years, during the National Day this year, the home stores showed more "more activities and fewer people", and a few stores had more staff than customers. In terms of volume, the sales volume of the Golden Week in previous years can be worth a month, but the turnover of most brands this year has a different degree of decline. Some stores only made one gold week in 7 days. Two business. In the face of reporters' inquiries, most businesses have said that this year's National Day "wind and water cold" is particularly deserted. According to industry analysts, on the one hand, due to the influence of the upstream real estate market, the demand for the home market this year is weak. On the other hand, the “shoppingm all” wave driven by custom brands such as Shangpin Home and Weiyi Custom has taken away many customers from home stores. Merchants should cope with the trend of home stores and decoration companies. It is reported that since the second half of 2013, many traditional home stores have been actively seeking changes. Some began to strengthen cooperation with third-party marketing agencies; some began to switch to the "custom" and "redwood" market; some began to transform into "homering theme" "shoppingm all." In the second half of this year, the most influential "changes" were the two marriages between the home and Ou Ya Da and Bai Shi home. When the reporter opened the Ouyada store during the National Day, the shadow of the building materials supermarket was greatly weakened. The scene saw one professional and one sample room. Consumers can choose the style and combination according to their own preferences and tailor the whole set of home improvement solutions. The reporter learned that in fact, the Weijiasi Square in Tianhe has a long-term sitting in the decoration of Huaying. In the second half of last year, Tianying Jianbohui of Guangzhou East began to make such an attempt to integrate the traditional building materials store with the decoration company and increase the matching of furniture and soft furnishings. After the transformation, Tianying Jianbohui is not only a building material distribution center, but a multi-service center integrating store, decoration company and brand. Up to now, Tianying has attracted nearly 20 decoration companies to enter, these decorative companies have attracted a lot of people, but also brought some sales to the building materials merchants. However, the current person in charge is not willing to comment too much on the transformation effect in the second half of 2013, and believes that everything is still in the process of continuous improvement. According to Chen Youwen, director of the planning department of Guangzhou Oriental Building Materials City, the Oriental Building Materials City after the opening of the business will gradually strengthen the marriage with the decoration company. At present, Dongfang Building Materials City has introduced five decorative companies, and it is expected that five or more brand decoration companies will be introduced in succession. The red star Meikailong introduced the northern home decoration predator to create a decoration. In-depth interpretation of the decoration company: sharing a good shopping environment in the home market 巍 home deputy general manager Zheng Yiran said that the reason for choosing to enter Ouyada and Baishi, the first is to look at the location and shopping environment of the two stores.靓 Home Baiyun Store and Panyu Store, previously as independent stores, the hardware environment is relatively poor, especially there is no parking space. Secondly, the decoration company and the home store are also hoping to borrow from the home store. Compared with previous years, due to the sluggish market and increased competition, all major supermarkets have increased their marketing efforts. There are small activities every week and there are big events every month. Entering the home store allows the decoration company to share the source of some home stores. “We have been inspecting recently and are preparing to enter some quality home stores, mainly because of the excellent performance of Hua Wei taste decoration Weijiasi Square store. In addition, most of the traditional decoration companies only provide semi-package repair. After entering the home store Not only can we share the flow of people in the store, but also can make plans on site, on-site selection and quotation, which is more convenient for consumers. On the other hand, designers can also understand market information and integrate the latest products and designs. In the home improvement program, it helps to improve the designer's business level and help the home improvement company develop strategic partners.” Ou Bing, general manager of Huaying Taste Decoration Guangzhou Branch, believes that the future home improvement company will be in the trend of home sales. For the decoration company, because the order of decoration of many people at this stage is inverted, it is usually first to visit the home store to determine the style of the home that they like, and then go to the decoration company. Therefore, the decoration company is stationed in the home store, which is also a kind of sales terminal front. Home store: can bring more popularity and sales From the perspective of home stores, the decoration company, especially the large decoration company, can first ease the pressure of renting the store. Real creation decoration, 4,500 square meters of model room, solved the problem of renting a whole floor of the 9th floor of Red Star Macalline.靓Home Ouyada store, covering an area of ​​2,300 square meters, its stationed also let Guangzhou Ouya general manager Wang Wei sigh of relief. Secondly, the decoration company is stationed in the home store. The biggest advantage for the home store is not to solve the problem of renting, but to bring popularity and sales. Chen Youwen, planning director of Guangzhou Oriental Building Materials City, believes that unlike local shopping malls, local decoration companies like Yujiao have always been known for “terminal” marketing, community marketing, telemarketing, SMS marketing and network precision marketing. . These customers attracted by the decoration company may eventually become potential consumers of building materials and furniture businesses in the home store. At the same time, from the current situation of the home Ouyada store and Hua Wei taste decoration Weijiasi Square store, the presence of the decoration company will also drive the merchants in the market to change the market thinking, no longer simply waiting for the door, but with Some decorating companies go to the streets and communities. In addition, for furniture and building materials sellers, decoration companies as an important channel of their traditional, once adjacent to live, there will be more cooperation possibilities. After the decoration company's designer signs the order, you can also recommend the corresponding building materials and furniture. Reporter's notes balance the relationship between the parties, in order to achieve a good "marriage" With the home of Ouyada and Baishi home news, many stores and decoration companies in the home industry are gearing up to find suitable marriage partners. However, the reporter learned that geographical “marriage” is easy, but it is not easy to achieve a good marriage with “multiple benefits”. As we all know, there are three main players in the home industry: stores, decoration companies and brands. With the changes in the industrial market, the three parties are starting to integrate from their respective advantages, and their respective content modules are no longer distinct. Many decorative companies not only have their own material supply systems, but even their own logistics systems. Therefore, how to balance the delicate relationship between the parties, truly achieve mutual benefit, and avoid the competition between the decoration company and the material supplier is the key to the success of this model. Secondly, as the unspoken rules of the industry, the phenomenon of “designer kickback” is the universal ecology of the home improvement industry. When the decoration company enters the home store, how to interact and unite with the material suppliers of the store can maximize the protection of consumers' interests. It is also a problem that many home store owners have to solve when they consider introducing the decoration company. Otherwise, the interaction between the decoration company and the merchants on the market may turn into an uncontrollable joint “killer”, which will ultimately damage the reputation of the entire store and even the entire industry.

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