"General technical conditions for children's furniture" is expected to be officially implemented at the end of the year


Be sure to give your child a free space! As the child grows up day by day, it is the wish of many parents to buy a set of furniture for the little one. But what choices should you make in the face of many brands on the market? According to media reports, China's first universal mandatory standard for children's furniture, "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture," is expected to be approved for implementation by the end of 2011. In this regard, the industry generally believes that children's furniture has developed very fast in recent years, but the overall maturity is not enough, the scale of children's furniture industry is still relatively low, and the production process and standards are uneven, the sooner the industry standards are introduced. The more beneficial it is to protect the rights of consumers. It is reported that the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" for the first time clarifies that children's furniture is suitable for children from 3 to 14 years old. The standard also specifies the structural safety and safety warning signs for children's furniture. In the standard, the edges, tips, protrusions, holes and gaps of children's furniture products are clearly defined to prevent injury to children; the warning signs stipulate that the products should be clearly specified on the children's furniture products or in the instructions for use. Age range and other required safety warning signs, warning signs such as "danger", "warning" and "attention" are used. In the standard, the limit indicators for heavy metals, formaldehyde emission and decomposable aromatic amines in the main and auxiliary materials such as children's furniture artificial panels, paints, textiles and fur fabrics are stipulated, which is more strict than adult furniture.

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