CHEERS First Class Sofa New Product Press Conference Held


The two conferences that are being held recently have once again brought the housing issue into focus. China’s Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Jiang Wei has proposed that 10 million sets of affordable housing will be built nationwide this year. Premier Wen Jiabao will propose 36 million affordable housing in the next five years. . Since 2011, affordable housing has become the focus of national work. At the two sessions this year, [LU1] affordable housing also appeared in various government work reports. China has entered the era of “safe housing”. Undoubtedly, this will certainly bring about new changes in the Chinese furniture market. The location of Minhua Industrial City is the chairman of the China Furniture Brand Alliance, the vice chairman of the Hong Kong Furniture Association, and the Minhua Holding Group is keenly aware of the changes in the market. A group of consumers pursuing fashion and quality enjoyment is growing. CHEERS Chihua Shi is welcoming this trend with new thinking and new positioning, and strives to enable consumers all over the world to enjoy first-class enjoyment at home. CHEERS Chivas On March 17, 2012, CHEERS First Class Sofa held a grand new series of press conferences at the group headquarters. The atmosphere of the entire conference was unprecedentedly warm. Thousands of dealers from all over the country witnessed the grand debut of the CHEERS First Class sofa, a new member of the Chivashua sofa family. CHEERS First Class Sofas CHEERS First Class Sofas uphold the corporate mission of “Bringing Health, Comfort, Value, and Fashion to Every Family”, bringing the most comfortable first class sofa to every consumer's home. Its ACE brand CHEERS Chihua Shi sofa has accumulated 20 years of experience, carefully selected high-quality imported cowhide, for many years, won the pursuit of high-quality life group, let the first class enjoyment to the home. The new series launched this time – CHEERS First Class Sofa, which is unique in craftsmanship, carefully selected the finest fabrics, combined with the essence of the Shihuashi functional sofa, launched a new fabric series functional sofa. The CHEERS First Class sofa in the direction of fashion and comfort is specially developed for young, energetic, enterprising and active pioneering white-collar elites and urban upstarts. CHEERS First Class Sofa New series of two series of Chivashua sofas - CHEERS Chivas and CHEERS First Class sofas to meet the market's development and meet the growing needs of the home market. In 2012, Chivas will further improve the national sales network, seek for greater breakthroughs in the furniture market, open up more channels and a full range of brand promotion methods, which will bring new sights to the market!

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