The leaders of Zhejiang Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau visited Jiangshan Oupai Door Industry for inspection and guidance


Wu Jianan, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Work Safety, visited Jiangshan Oufang. On the morning of June 15, Wu Jianan, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Work Safety, accompanied by Vice Mayor Wang Weiming of Jiangshan, visited Ou Pai Door Industry to inspect fire safety and safety production. jobs. Under the leadership of the executive vice president of Ou Pai Door Industry and the Minister of Security and Security, he visited the security management office of Ou Pai Door Industry. The Minister of Safety and Security introduced the fire safety grid management system of the European-style door industry to the provincial leaders. After listening to the introduction, the provincial leaders highly praised the innovation of the European-style door industry grid. At the same time, I have a detailed understanding of the Ou Pai Door Industry Development Management Service Team System and the related teams of firefighters, training, first-aid equipment, etc., and consulted the relevant information on fire safety, and highly affirmed the fire safety work of Ou Pai Door Industry. Construction, and hope that the European-style door industry should further improve the fire safety grid management system, fully realize that the fire safety responsibility is as heavy as Taishan, and stresses that the spirit of government service enterprises and enterprise service employees should be specifically implemented.

Steam Sterilizer is a rapid and reliable disinfection and sterilization equipment using saturated pressure steam, which is suitable for medical, health, scientific research and agricultural units.

The classification of high-pressure autoclave is divided into portable high-pressure sterilizers, vertical pressure steam sterilizers, horizontal high pressure steam sterilizers according to their size.

The disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments, dressings, glassware, solution culture medium, etc. can also be used in the plateau area as steaming food equipment and enterprises and institutions to make high quality drinking water, and also can be used as a high temperature steam source equipment.

Working principle:

In a closed steamer, the steam can not be spilt, and the pressure keeps rising, so that the boiling point of water increases continuously, and the temperature in the pot increases. Under the pressure of 0.1MPa, the temperature of the pot is 121. At this steam temperature, the bacteria and their high heat resistance can be quickly killed.

Product classification:

Portable sterilizer: 18L, 24L.

Vertical type steam sterilizer: 35L, 50L, 75L, 100L, 120L, 150L.

Horizontal type steam sterilizer: 150L, 200L, 280L, 400L, 500L.

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