Novosibirsk develops a material that is as strong as diamond


Abstract Neo-Siberian scholars have developed unique materials with super-sturdy properties using special diamonds. The new inventions of these experts in Siberia can increase the service life of cutting and drilling tools many times. Tests have shown that products made with this new material have to...
Neo-Siberian scholars have developed unique materials with ultra-sturdy properties using structurally special diamonds. The new inventions of these experts in Siberia can increase the service life of cutting and drilling tools many times.

Tests have shown that products made from this new material are 19 times better than synthetic diamonds and similar products made from a mixture of hard alloys. They guarantee a cutting speed of more than 140 meters per minute. Today, any material known to humans cannot produce this result. Only in Russia can a special diamond that is part of this alloy have this unique performance. This is not the gems used to make jewelry, but the tiny diamonds. Afanasiyev, a researcher at the Institute of Geology and Minerals at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that the sole origin of this fine diamond is in the "big pit" formed by Yakutia falling due to meteorites.

He said that the big pit formed by the fall of the meteorite appeared about 36 million years ago. This celestial body hits a rock containing a lot of graphite. The rock melts under such a large and high-temperature impact force, and the graphite becomes a diamond with a special structure under the influence of great pressure and high temperature. Due to this structure, these diamonds have high abrasive properties.

The expert said that in this "big pit", the technical diamond content is much higher than other precious diamond content. This "special diamond" mining work was carried out before the 1980s, but it was later stopped, and it is more willing to build a factory that produces synthetic diamond. However, the scholars of Novosibirsk not only “restored the reputation” for the natural diamonds in the “big pit” that the Yakuti meteorite collided, but also based on it, they were exceptionally strong and not available in today’s world. Rumby's material. Afanasiyev tells the secret of this new craft

Afanasiyev said that a certain amount of material is added to the diamond powder and then sintered at a high temperature. For example, we mix diamond powder with cobalt and sand for high temperature sintering. This sintering is carried out in a device which can produce 100,000 atmospheres and a high temperature and high temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius. The resulting sintered product is the original material with high processability for the manufacture of tools and drill bits in the future.

Scientists point out that it is important for the machine manufacturing and mining industries, especially for shale gas mining. Due to the complexity of the work environment, expensive drilling tools are quickly scrapped and can no longer be used. The exceptionally strong composition added to this new material will greatly extend the life of the drill. The price of this material has not yet been determined. After the determination, the inventor of this technology will market this new material to the market.

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