Why are Japanese mobile phones waterproof?


Nowadays, more and more smart phones have begun to pay attention to the field of waterproofing. Waterproofing is no longer the scarce function that three anti-mobile phones have. The reduction in the cost of process design allows ordinary consumer-grade mobile phones to also have the opportunity to support waterproof features.

But do you really know all about mobile phone waterproofing? Is a waterproof phone only resistant to water or is it resistant to all common living liquids? Does an ordinary non-waterproof mobile phone die when it is wet? And if your mobile phone is unfortunately flooded, what kind of approach should we take to save it? In this issue, you will be able to uncover the distance between you and you.

When it comes to waterproof mobile phones, many people can recall some of Japan's mobile phone brands, such as our common Sony / Sharp / Panasonic / Fujitsu and so on, these brands are most of the mobile phones introduced in Japan are waterproof.

Why does the Japanese brand's mobile phone need waterproof function? According to surveys, mobile phone users in Japan are very enthusiastic about bathing, and mobile phones have become an essential weapon to solve boring hours during bathing. Therefore, in order to prevent the mobile phone from falling into the water during the bath, the Japanese system will be damaged. Most mobile phones have waterproof features.

Products such as Sony's are sold in global markets, and waterproof has become one of the highlights of its major publicity. Thanks to the similarity of Android phones over the past few years, some non-Japanese brands have also begun to add waterproof functions to their products, including Samsung/Huawei.

It may be that many people have doubts that so-called waterproof mobile phones are resistant to water, but are they also defensive against liquids like milk/coffee/cola that we encounter in our daily lives? Or is there any difference between a waterproof mobile phone falling into a normal temperature and a water that is nearly boiling? In this issue, we chose the five most common liquids in our lives to test the performance of waterproof mobile phones, and at the same time let a waterproof mobile phone soak in a hot spring... As for the result? Watch the video.

However, compared to waterproof mobile phones, non-waterproof mobile phones have much more in terms of category or quantity than waterproof mobile phones, so their chances of falling into water are also higher than those of waterproof mobile phones. After these non-waterproof mobile phones are dropped into water, Did you finish playing?

In the video, we conducted a destructive test on three non-waterproof mobile phones. The results may surprise you. Of course, as compensation, we have also made some judgments on whether or not some remedial measures after waterproofing of water-resistant mobile phones are correct, and whether many of them are right or wrong about what they often do when the mobile phone falls into the water?

Release date:2014/12/15 17:16:54

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