There are painters in their own homes.


There are painters in their own homes.

The renovation of the house is no stranger to us, everyone will be more or less exposed, then how can we live in a house to rest assured, here are the following six steps:

First of all: preparations. The door, window frame, furniture and paint connection, paste color paper protection. Well-made wooden cabinets, partitions and other furniture should be sealed with newspapers so as not to be soiled by paint.

Second: color. For walls that require color, the area should be accurately calculated in advance and the paint should be evenly distributed. Then the primer is applied to prevent the wall surface from being wet and the color of the top coat is uniform. This prevents the appearance of water stains on the boards.

Third: roller coating construction. The order of topcoat construction: ceiling, lines, and back wall. Paint on the wall at least two times, the first time the paint can be added 5% to 10% of the water, to facilitate the absorption of the wall, the second time the paint can not add water, with the first pass coating a certain time interval. Roller coating requires the use of two kinds of roller brushes at the same time. The coarse roller brush is followed by the roller brush. Use a thick roller to evenly paint the paint on the wall. Use a fine roller to brush over the rough roller. Brush again to make the wall paint delicate and brush out the desired pattern.

Fourth: brush construction. Use a brush to make up the paint on the edges of the wall and corner of the brush.

Fifth: Polish the wall. When the paint on the wall is dry, sand the wall with sandpaper to reduce the brush marks on the wall and make the wall more smooth. When polishing, be careful to feel the smoothness of the wall from time to time in order to judge where to polish. It should be noted that when sanding, try to use finer sandpaper, generally soft texture putty (such as 821) with 400 ~ 500 sandpaper, hard texture (such as wall lining, easy to flat) with 360 ~ 400 The number is better. After thoroughly polishing, thoroughly clean the wall.

Sixth: cleaning and inspection. Clean the paint marks on the foot line and other places, check whether the color of the wall meets the design requirements, and whether the color of the brushing surface is the same, in case there is a bottom, a brush leaking, a powder off the alkali, blistering, biting, and falling. And other quality defects.

Six steps make you a master of decoration, and the most cost-effective way to live in the house that is most assured.

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