What is the floor heating floor price?


What kind of floor is good for floor heating ? In modern life, floor heating is an unquestionable environmental health heating method. The scope of its application is very wide. Compared with other heating methods, floor heating is more space-saving and thermal stability is better. The installation of floor heating is inseparable from the floor, and the floor heating is suitable for floors with good heat resistance and not easily deformed. What kind of floor to use as a floor decoration material? This should be a matter of thinking about installing warmth. What kind of floor to floor warm, floor heating price, a more comprehensive understanding of the warm type and the tight type between the floor.

Warm introduction

Floor heating is the abbreviation for floor radiant heating. It uses the entire floor as a radiator to heat the entire floor evenly through the heat medium in the radiant floor of the floor. It uses the ground's own heat storage and heat to radiate upwards to conduct from the bottom up. To achieve the purpose of heating.

To warm according to the different heating methods are mainly divided into warm water and electric floor heating. Water floor heating uses hot water with a temperature not higher than 60°C as a heating medium, circulating in the heating pipe, heating the floor, and heating the room through heat radiation and convection heating. Electric floor heating is based on low-temperature heating cable as a heat source.

What floor to warm - solid wood flooring

The installation of floor heating using solid wood flooring is the best choice. The production of solid wood flooring adopts floor heating adhesive, which has good water resistance and aging resistance. The formaldehyde content is very low, effectively preventing formaldehyde from being heated and evaporated. After the threat to human health. In addition, the warmth of the solid wood floor is very good, it can quickly transfer the heat generated by the floor heating to the ground, and lasting a constant temperature, giving people a comfortable and warm living experience.

What floor is good for floor heating - teak flooring

Teak flooring does not contain adhesive products in the manufacturing process and is unique in environmental protection. In addition, it can regulate indoor temperature and humidity, and balance indoor humidity by releasing and absorbing indoor moisture. The cool winter and cool summer control body. Teak flooring is also very suitable as a floor heating floor. Its own density, even if long-term heating should not be deformed, and also has a good thermal conductivity, can effectively and timely communicate the heat generated by the floor heating, not only environmental protection, wear resistance, but also has very Good antibacterial and antiseptic properties do not pose any threat to the human body.

What floor is good for floor heating - multi-layer laminate flooring

Multi-layer laminate flooring is not very familiar with the floor. It is a new type of composite flooring. It has good wear resistance and deformation resistance. It is installed on floor heating and can efficiently convey heat energy without distortion. In addition, multi-layer composite flooring also has the appearance of solid wood flooring, aesthetic comfort, comfortable foot feel, good insulation, and he also overcome the floor monomer shrinkage, easy to crack the lack of. Multi-layer composite flooring combines the advantages of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring, and is the best choice for floor heating.


What kind of floor is good for floor heating? There are several factors to consider:

1, heat dissipation : floor heating must have good heat dissipation. Geothermal flooring is very particular about the choice of materials. It should strictly select those special substrates whose wood density meets the requirements. Generally, the standard thickness of a warm floor should be between 6.5-8.5mm so as to ensure that the floor has good air permeability and heat dissipation.

2, heat resistance : choose to warm the floor requires it must have good heat resistance, so as to ensure that in the process of long-term use of floor heating will not occur any deformation, durable, making its life longer.

3, environmental protection : composite flooring in the production process requires the use of a large number of adhesives and paint, and these two materials will release a lot of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde poses a great threat to human health. It can cause cough, cold, fever, fever, and fatigue. It can cause serious diseases such as nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, and leukemia. Therefore, we must pay attention to the environmental performance of floor heating.

4, security : the elderly and children at home should pay attention to choose to warm the safety of the floor. The choice of floor heating must ensure that the board surface is smooth and clean. At the same time, the elastic modulus of the product should also be increased to minimize the damage caused by the floor to the elderly and children slipping.


Second, to warm the price

Generally speaking, it is calculated by the square. Different brands and products have different prices. However, selected products should be selected for high cost performance products.

Electric heating 150-450 yuan / square meters of water heating 70-230 yuan / square meters

The difference in installation costs is mainly due to the product, installation quality and post-maintenance. Three-point product and seven-point installation must choose a regular company. The cost of later use depends on how warm your house is. The better the insulation of the house, the less heat loss, the lower the cost of use, you can consult the relevant website. Like Wanjia warm, Henan electric heating network can be.

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